The MMA series moves from the northern capital to the official capital of Moscow. Next Saturday, October 3 the MMA Series – 16 tournament, organized jointly with the public organization OSE and GM Promotion, will take place at the Soviet Wings Universal Sports Complex.
The main event of the evening will be a battle between Russian Maxim Viktorov (4-1) and a fighter from Uzbekistan Islom Sharopov (4-2). Viktorov will do everything to close his defeat at the RCC tournament and will certainly in the mood to pick up his own in the most spectacular way. However, it will not be easy for Maxim because a serious opponent will enter the cage with him. Islom Sharopov managed to win by all available means in his career and in the main event of the MMA Series – 16 the fighter from Uzbekistan is in the mood to make a loud statement.
The co-main event of the evening will be a fight between Mikhail Sysoev (10-7) and Sergey Dyakonov (10-2). Heavyweights for two have won 16 knockout victories in their career, so an audience can expect a real show from them. Sergey Dyakonov is a trainer of one of the most outstanding MMA Series fighters Sergey Bobryshev. In addition, in the last fight Dyakonov proved that he can not only defeat an opponent with a powerful blow but can also hold a reception. His rival Mikhail Sysoev currently has a series of five knockout wins, and on October 3 the Moscow resident will try to add another early win to his resume.
Spectators will be allowed to enter the stands in accordance with the current restrictions. The event will take place under the most stringent conditions as determined by trained medical doctors. All of the fighters and participants are being tested and monitored for COVID-19 by trained medical professionals. Everyone supporting the fight will be wearing masks for their safety.

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