Zaur vs Gadzhibabayev. Roggers Souza at WKG & M-1 Challenge 103

Zaur Gadzhibabayev vs. Roggers Souza at WKG & M-1 Challenge 103
Two giants will meet in the Rage in China. Zaur Gadzhibabayev (7-2-1) won five of seven fights in M-1 Global, but because of one loss and one draw in last three fights he still did not get his title shot. One more victory can make him the official title contender.
Brazilian heavyweight Roggers Souza (8-2) will step into the Rage for the first time in his career. Only once Souza went the full distance of the fight. Souza enters this fight with a 8-2 record and has won 87 percent of his fights by knockouts.
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