Landwehr stepped into The Rage for a colorful one-on-one interview

Landwehr stepped into The Rage for a colorful one-on-one interview
Nate, what did you know about Kazakhstan before your first visit and how did you like fighting there?
NL: ‘I knew that Kazakhstan is the home of Triple G (multiple World boxing champion Gennady Golovkin) and we didnt need visas to go, so it's a good place for big drama show. I loved it, the people were great and well educated about fighting. I'm the true champion and this fight will be another great show.
"I will have many fans already that I made from my last visit and many more after I finish Viktor in devastating fashion. The crowd will get their money worth. Oh, the tickets are free? Well, then they definitely will get their money worth!”
You fought in M-1 Global four times and have become one the most popular fighter. Why do people love to watch you fight so much?
NL: "I think fans of fighting, real fans, they can't help but to like my style of fighting. I fight very hard and put on a real show. I feel that when people see me fight live, they remember me more than any other fighter they see. I'm am a different breed of man, let alone a different breed of fighter. Two years ago, no one from M-1 Global knew who I was. Now, no one from M-1 will ever forget me. That's what I stand for.”
Your first fight against Kolesnik was not easy. Talk us through the fight. After the last bell were you sure that the judges would give you the decision?
NL: "He almost collapsed at the end. When they raised my hand, he didn't look like a disappointment man. He knew and I knew. I break men, he will not survive. No man can match me for 25 minutes. I don't see points or rounds. I am there for a different reason and on June 28th you can see the difference. Did you see his face after the fight vs mine? I was bleeding from a head butt, and he was bleeding because of my hand.”
Do you expect him to change his game plan for the second fight?
NL: "He may change his plan. He may even be faster, bigger, stronger, and overall just better. But a man's heart doesn't change. We have been face-to-face and eye-to-eye. He will break and I am unbreakable. That's why I went on to become champ and he fought two bums. I saw his latest fights, they were impressive, but who he did it to were not. I went to the eagle's nest and took his title and then turned around and melted the one they call ‘Iron’ with too much heat. When was the last time he even fought someone tough? Oh yeah, me!”
There are many good featherweights on the M-1 Global roster and all of them want to fight you. Why are you fighting Viktor again, not somebody who you haven't fought?
NL: "Everyone thinks they want until they get it and then it's too late. Viktor is the only one who escaped without going night-night. I'm the one who has called for him, plus everyone else is running scared with reasons why they are not ready.
"Never forget these guys are locked in the RAGE with me, I am not locked in there with them. They must survive, not the other way around. 25 minutes. Every second of every round. I'm coming!”
M-1 Challenge champions can sign with the UFC after they defend the title. Will we see you in the UFC if you successfully defend your title next week?
NL: "Everyone is running to the UFC from the M-1 like that's going to solve their problem. I could already be waiting on a list with the UFC for an opening. I passed on it because I have unfinished business with a man named Viktor and because I love M-1 Global.”
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