Zaur vs Gadzhibabayev. Tanner Boser at M-1 Challenge 101

Zaur Gadzhibabayev vs. Tanner Boser at M-1 Challenge 101
The best athlete of Azerbaijan Zaur 2014 Gadzhibabayev (7-2) is going to step into the Rage for the seventh time. Elvin was extremely successful in MMA amateur, he won a number of trophies including the World Cup and in his professional career he only got better. Only once in M-1 Global we've seen him going the full distance of the fight, because he is an aggressive fighter who is always looking for a finish.
Tanner Boser (15-5) is called the Bulldozer for a reason. The best Canadian heavyweight is both strong and skillful. Most of the Boser fights won by knockout and he is intending to make a huge upset knocking out the M-1 Global veteran.
Two dangerous heavyweight punchers will collide on March 30th in Kazakhstan!
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