M-1 Challenge Battle in Atyrau. Mikhail Kuznetsov vs Nurbek kabdrakhmanova

Mikhail Kuznetsov vs. Nurbek Kabdrakhmanov at M-1 Challenge Battle in Atyrau
Mikhail Kuznetsov (6-4) is a talented young Russian featherweight. Kuznetsov started his MMA career five years ago at M-1 Challenge 41, when he was just 20 years old and since then he faced some very dangerous opponents. In his latest fight Mikhail put his opponent to sleep via guillotine choke.

Pankration world champion and international master of sports Nurbek Kabdrakhmanov (1-0) had only one professional MMA fight so far, which he won by the way of submission.
On December 15th he’ll make his M-1 Global debut at home in Kazakhstan!
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