Vs Sergey Klyuev. Abylay Tolesh at M-1 Challenge Battle in Atyrau

Sergey Klyuev vs. Abylay Tolesh at M-1 Challenge Battle in Atyrau
20 year old bantamweight prospect Sergey Klyuev (6-2) is about to step into the Rage for the seventh time. The young finisher has been undefeated for a long time, but in 2018 lost two fights, won one, and now he needs to improve his record with one more W. Klyuev lost Both times by decision, but in all the fights he won, he finished his opponents early in the very first round.
Abylay Tolesh (4-1) is the pankration champion of the world. Tolesh only lost his professional debut and after that won four fights in a row. Abylay is the home-town hero and the whole crowd in Atyrau will support the local fighter giving him an extra boost of motivation.
Watch the bantamweight clash on December 15th!
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