Vadim vs Shabadash. Musa Pliev at M-1 Challenge 99

Vadim Shabadash vs. Musa Pliev at M-1 Challenge 99
Ukrainian national MMA champion Vadim Shabadash (7-3) is a well-rounded middleweight prospect. Shabadash successfully started his M-1 Global career winning twice in a row, but he made a mistake in his last fight and was choked out. Now Vadim is more motivated than ever to come back with a victory.
Musa Pliev (2-0) prepares to fight on his home soil once again. Pliev is a master of sports in sambo and pankration. Twice he fought at Road to M-1 Battle in Nazran events and twice finished his opponents early in the first round.
Young middleweights will show their best on November 17th.
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