The Results Of The M-1 Challenge 98

The Results Of The M-1 Challenge 98

(To 65,8 kg) Nikita Barkhatov (Ferrum, Kaluga) won Agoney Romero (Spain) by Ko Round 1 4:15

(Up to 70.3 kg), Rizvan Sebagai (Ferrum, Chelyabinsk) defeated Alexey Shanin (Ukraine) by technical knockout. Round 3
(Up to 70.3 kg), Denis Sulimov (Ferrum, Chelyabinsk) defeated Ilishan Mirzoeva (Republic of Ingushetia) by TKO. Round 1 4:30
(93 kg), Ivan Tsigelnik (Academy of Arts, Chelyabinsk) defeated Maxim Baruzdina (RPS) by knockout, Round 1 0:15
(Up to 70.3 kg), Magomed "Cobra" Magomedov (Ferrum, Chelyabinsk) defeated Arnaud Kervella (France) by Ko. Round 0:15
(84 kg) Jean Petrik (Brazil) defeated the Taleh najafzade (Azerbaijan) suffocating reception (North-South Choke), Round 2 4:55
(93 kg) Oleg Popov (bars, Elista) defeated Yuri Fedorov (Ferrum), 1-0
(Up 77,1 kg) Boris Medvedev (Sich PRO) defeated David Zakarian (Ferrum) choke. Round 1
(84 kg), Ivan Bogdanov (Sich PRO) defeated Emanuel Dawa (France) by Ko Round 3 0:56
(To 61.3 kg), Sergey Morozov (Kazakhstan) defeated Bair Stepina (bars, Elista) by unanimous decision. Round 3 5:00
(Up 77,1 kg), Sergey Romanov (Sich PRO) defeated Pablo Ortman (Switzerland) by unanimous decision. Round 3 5:00
(84 kg) Bruno Silva (Brazil) defeated Artem Frolov (Legion and Forge) by Ko, Round 4

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