Interview with Artem Frolov. Part 1

Interview with Artem Frolov. Part 1

In the first part of the conversation, we asked John about his failed debut in the UFC, severity of injuries then received, and against the haters.

- Artem, you were supposed to make his UFC debut at their first tournament in Russia. What did you feel when you got the coveted contract on hand?
- The news of the signing in the UFC was to some extent unexpected, but as the tournament was quite a bit of time, I was not able to fully experience the moment. By signing the contract, I rather felt some pressure as the fight was getting close, and I would not only lose a lot of weight in the shortest time, but also to prepare many kinds of documents. So I'm under a lot of pain in the ass, and I don't even really have time to think and to feel some emotion.

- You had to withdraw from the bout due to injury, and it was known exactly to your birthday. Spoiled you this holiday?

- Of course, it was not the best gift for birthday. I was not happy that the fight fell through, but I took it for granted. Perhaps everything turned out for the best, because, after all, to accept battle in haste, without due preparation to the opponent, plus extra to drive weight – not the best idea. So I tried to find in all this a positive thing, said to myself that maybe it's for the best.

I weighed all the pros and cons, I thought, this is not my last chance to perform in the UFC, so was upset, not so much.

- After you withdrew due to injury, there was talk about the fact that you decided not to risk it, immediately chasing weight and going on short notice, and, in fact, the injury was not as serious, not to enter the battle. What do you say to that?

- How many people – so many opinions. There will always be people who will be sitting at home, tell everyone what a fighter and what is happening in his head. In fact, all I know only my family and I, so I try not to pay attention to all these conversations. I really had an injury that I could not enter the battle.

- What's it been like to watch the live broadcast of the tournament and understand that this fight was supposed to leave you?

- First of all, I was interested to see how you will fight my opponent that will show Murtazaliyev. We are familiar with Khalid, I've been watching his fights, so I was interested to see how he will cope with Galloween. Of course, I was a little upset, because I was in any case prepared, if not in this fight so the fight with Bruno Silva of M-1 Global. So the more I thought about that, if not for the injury, I would be here right now were, God forbid, won, and would have quietly rested, reaped the fruits. And so it is necessary to heal the injury, continue to work and wait for the next fight. And, of course, it would be interesting to see how I showed in that fight.

- Now that your contract with UFC? Are you officially signed fighter?

- The answer to this question can give only my Manager. As far as I know, still, the contract I have, but certainly it can be said only the Manager, now I have a second defending my championship belt M-1 Challenge, and I concentrated on this task.

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