Bruno Silva: Russia has changed my life

Bruno Silva: Russia has changed my life
M-1 Challenge middleweight contender shared his thoughts on his upcoming title shot against the champion Artem Frolov I am very happy that my third fight in Russia will be in Chelyabinsk again. This is a special city for me, twice I won there via knockout and on November 2nd I’m going to knock my opponent out again. It’s not easy to compete in Russia, long flights, jet lag and cold climate make everything more difficult, but this is the part of the game. I love Russia, because this country has changed my life. Artem Frolov is a strong fighter and great champion. I’m not used to watch my opponents’ previous fights much, but from the videos I have seen I can say, that he has good cardio and wrestling skills. I am ready to become the world champion, it was always a dream of mine and soon this dream can come true. I respect Frolov, but he has something what I need. I hope he is ready for a war, because I’m going to take this belt from him. I am the fighter, who is always looking for a knockout, 15 times I knocked my opponents out and at M-1 Challenge 98 I’m ready to brawl with Artem as much as it takes to become the champion.
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