Рустам Хабилов: "Я добуду эту победу для моих фанатов, я должен победить"
M-1 Global Veteran Rustam Khabilov will fight at UFC Moscow on September 15th: “That’s a great responsibility to fight at home” That’s really awful when you prepare to fight someone for 1.5 or 2 months and suddenly they replace him. I’ve been preparing to fight a southpaw, had sparring partners like him, have been looking for the best strikes and combos. It’s not the first time in my career, when they change my opponent, the most important thing is that I have someone to fight. Now they are looking for a replacement and I’m ready to fight anybody, because I’ve been training long and hard. I’m in great shape and do not care who my opponent will be. That’s a great responsibility to fight at home when the crowd is waiting for you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s M-1 Global or UFC, crowd is the same. Many friends and fans will be worried and they’ll come to root for me, so I owe this victory to them, I must win. That’s why I trained three times as hard for this fight. Now I’m anticipating an opponent. Everything will be fine.
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