Interview with Chris Kelades

Interview with Chris Kelades
- It's been more than half a year after your M-1 Global debut. Why did you take such a long break? - It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. I was supposed to fight back in March, but I had problems getting my travel Visa secured so I was rebooked to fight in April, but unfortunately the event had to be canceled. So I’ve been ready to fight, but circumstances have changed the dates. I’m excited for this fight and looking forward to fighting in Chelyabinsk. Two times my fights have been canceled and it was extremely frustrating, but it gave me more time to work on my game and learn new techniques. - In your M-1 Global debut, first two rounds you have been very cautious, but in the third round got a submission. Is it your real fighting style or you just wanted to win the debut fight taking no risks? - Every fight is different. Sometimes in a new environment it takes longer to feel the fight start and you have to read the opponent before you react to aggressively. - What can you say about your next opponent Alexander Pletenko? You have similar records, does it mean you have similar fighting styles? - I’ve seen some of his fights and I don’t think we have similar styles. I’ve been fighting the best guys in the world and at a certain level it’s more difficult to finish fights. - Before joining M-1 Global you have never fought anywhere except North America. What does it feel to fight half a world away from your home? - I really enjoyed myself last time in my debut with M-1 Global. The travel is a little bit of a hassle with the distance, but I really enjoy fighting internationally and here in Russia. I like fighting away, because I enjoy having to prove myself to other fighters and the fans. It motivates me!
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