Kharitonov - Vyazigin result changed to no contest.

Kharitonov - Vyazigin result changed to no contest.
A commission gathered by the M-1 Global president Vadim Finkelchtein watched the fight video once again and made a decision to change the result. A rematch will be scheduled for one of the next events, probably M-1 Challenge 95 Battle in the Mountains, which will happen in July in Ingushetia, Russia. Vadim Finkelchtein: no contest is the only possible decision in this situation. It was an accident and yesterday judges made the decision according to the rules, giving the victory to Kharitonov based on the scorecards, but this fight is an exception. Sergei Kharitonov: changing results to no contest is the best choice. This was not the victory I wanted and I was sure the fight will be ruled as no contest, so I was surprised when the referee raised my hand. Anton did not want to poke me, so I think the decision now is fair. In the hospital I was told I’ve got an eye contusion and corneal abrasion. I hope to recover fast and get a rematch. Anton Vyazigin: I think no contest is a fair result. I was sure that after that poke Sergey will take a break and we will go on, but the fight was stopped and he was declared as a winner. Talking about corneal abrasion, I have no idea how it could happen. I always cut my nails before the fights and referee checks that, so that is weird. Of course I want a rematch, our story is not ended.
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