Александр Доскальчук, интервью перед M-1 Challenge 92
One on one with M-1 Challenge Flyweight Champion Aleksander Doskalchuk It's been seven months since you won the title. Why did you have to take such a long break? AD: "I had to take time to heal all my injuries. There were problems with my ankle, so I could not train and fight for a few months. Soon, we'll see how this break will affect my performance. All my injuries are in the past and I am ready to win the upcoming fight and become the undisputed M-1 Challenge flyweight champion. What did you feel when you were told an interim title was to be introduced? AD: "I felt nothing. The interim title does not mean anything to me and I have concentrated only on one thing: winning my fights. It is known that Ashimov is a very fast fighter and has power in his hands. I can't say anything about his endurance, because it all depends on the way the fight goes. We'll see how good his endurance is very soon into our fight." How do you think your fight will go? Are you going to use your advantage in grappling? AD: "I am ready for a five-round battle and, of course, I will be looking for an opportunity to finish my opponent at all times. I would not say that my tactics will be focused on submissions. Take a look at my fights; I love boxing and in MMA you cannot rely on just one aspect. Your fight against Ashimov was rescheduled from the last weekend's show in China to May 24th in Saint Petersburg, Russia. How did it change your training plan? AS: "I was ready to fight on May 12th, but Arman did not get his visa, so we had to change plans for the new date. Maybe it's for the best. The flight to Saint Petersburg is easier and faster than to China. By the way, in Saint Petersburg, many more fans will come to root for me. Support is a very important part of the game and I am grateful to all the fans who will root for me at M-1 Arena in Saint Petersburg, and everybody who will hold their fingers crossed watching the broadcast!"
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