New opponent for T-800!

New opponent for T-800!
Long awaited fight between Stephan Puetz and Giga Kukhalashvili unfortunately won’t happen at M-1 Challenge 88. First time when these two were supposed to fight Stephan got injured, this time Giga did, so again some brave fighter had to be found to replace the injured athlete. Combat Sambo master, European champion Khadis Ibragimov will enter the Rage on February 22nd! Khadis Ibragimov (2-0) is a quite young, but very experienced martial artist, known for a number of brutal knockouts in combat sambo and unifight. Twice fighting in professional MMA, twice he finished his opponents in less than two minutes. The fight against Stephan Puetz is a great chance for Ibragimov to boost his career and he will do his best to make an upset at M-1 Challenge 88!
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