M-1 Challenge 88: Sergey Klyuev (5-0) vs. Alexander Osetrov (3-0).

M-1 Challenge 88: Sergey Klyuev (5-0) vs. Alexander Osetrov (3-0).
Sergey Klyuev is an outstanding 19 years old finisher with five first round victories in five fights! Four times he made his opponents tap out and once knocked the opponent out, what a result for a young athlete! It took him only 8 minutes and 22 seconds to finish everybody on his way and this time he’ll do his best to get another early victory! Alexander Osetrov is also undefeated in professional MMA. 21 years old athlete is a student of one of the best Russian fighters Alexander Shlemenko and Muay Thai world champion. Alexander prefers not such aggressive fighting style as his opponent, but works clever and with good tactics, what helped him to defeat all his opponents. One of the prospects will lose his undefeated status and neither Sergey nor Alexander wants to be that guy. Watch the fight on February 22nd!
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