Промо турнира M-1 Challenge Битва в Атырау, 15 декабря, Казахстан
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HD Промо турнира M-1 Challenge Битва в Атырау, 15 декабря, Казахстан

Место проведения:
Atyrau, Kazakhstan

The hype train keeps rolling! The M-1 Challenge featherweight champion Nate «the Train” Landwehr takes on the Ukrainian challenger Andrey „Iron” Lezhnev in the M-1 Challenge Battle in Atyrau main event on December 15th in Kazakhstan!

Nate Landwehr (11-2) is an outstanding athlete and a real showman. Each time he steps into the Rage he puts on an unforgettable performance and gets a bonus either for the fight of the night or for the best knockout. The Train knows how to make people talk about him, some people love him, some people hate him, but nobody can ignore him. Landwehr has huge KO power in his hands and he can finish any fight at any moment.
Andrey Lezhnev (18-7) will enter the Rage for the 10th time in his career. The well-rounded Iron won 9 of his last 10 fights and proved that he deserves the title shot more than anybody else in the division. Lezhnev finished 12 of his opponents, five of them by knockout and seven others by submission, so he is a very dangerous contender.
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