M-1 Challenge 98: Фролов vs Сильва, промо турнира 2-го ноября, Челябинск
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HD M-1 Challenge 98: Фролов vs Сильва, промо турнира 2-го ноября, Челябинск

Место проведения:
Chelyabinsk, Russia

On November 2nd middleweight belt will be on the line in Chelyabinsk, Russia when the undefeated Russian Champion Artem Frolov (11-0) meets Brazilian puncher Bruno Blindado Silva (18-6).

Artem Frolov is definitely one of the strongest Russian middleweights and probably the best-rounded fighter of them all. Frolov started as a wrestler, so he has outstanding takedowns and ground game, but his striking is brilliant too. 9 times in 11 fights Frolov finished his opponents, five times by knockout and four times by submission, so he is a very dangerous fighter.
Bruno Silva shocked the world earlier this year when he sensationally knocked out the MMA star Alexander Shlemenko. Blindado did not care that he was an underdog in that fight and just did what he always does, landed some powerful shots. Silva has enormous power in his hands, 15 of his 18 wins come by knockout, so he is definitely the scariest puncher of the middleweight roster.

The clash of two toughest middleweights will be the main event of M-1 Challenge 98 on November 2nd!

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