Moktar Benkaci vs Vitaly Branchuk fight is set for M-1 Challenge 74
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HD Moktar Benkaci vs Vitaly Branchuk fight is set for M-1 Challenge 74

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Two prospective bantamweights — Vitaly Branchuk and Moktar Benkaci are going to find out who is better on February 18.
Vitaly Branchuk (21-6) is a TOP bantamweight fighter from Ukraine. He was leading 8 fight winning streak before losing fight to Pavel Vitruk for M-1 Bantamweight Championship. Overall he is versatile fighter with a great striking game and decent parter. Representing young generation of bantamweights, Vitali Branchuk is eager to avenge his loss and get another title shot in M-1 bantamweight division.

Moktar Benkaci (13-6-1) is a solid fighter from France, who is well-known in European MMA arena for his exceptional grappling skills and great endurance. Benkaci lost his opening fight in M-1 to Nikita Chistyakov via majority decision, although the fight was extremely close and some fans used to say it was Benkaci who should have been awarded with a victory there. After that onwards Moktar defeated two opponents in a row, claiming himself as the TOP fighter in M-1 bantamweight roster.
M-1 Challenge 74 takes place on February 18 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The event will be headlined by Stephan Puetz vs Rashid Yusupov fight for M-1 LHW Championship; with Alexander Butenko vs Abukar Yandiev M-1 LW Title fight in the co-main event of the evening.

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