M-1 Challenge 73: Emeev vs Tokov, December 9, Ingushetia, Nazran
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HD M-1 Challenge 73: Emeev vs Tokov, December 9, Ingushetia, Nazran


M-1 champion Ramazan Emeev will face former ACB champion Anatoly Tokov in the main event of M-1 Challenge 73, December 9
Anatoly Tokov (24-1) is a former ACB middleweight champion who has become a free agent this week. He is one of the most spectacular and prominent MMA fighters in Russia and Europe. He is leading 17 fights winning streak and hasn't lost a fight since 2011. He is a dangerous striker with a solid parter skills. 14 out of 24 his wins were held via KO or TKO.

Ramazan Emeev (14-3) is a reigning M-1 Middleweight champion who currently hold 19th place in the World Middleweight rankings according to FightMatrix.com. He is a solid striker with a fiersome knockout power. Being a basic wrestler Ramazan can takedown and ragdoll almost any type of the opponent.

«The fight between Ramazan Emeev and Anatoly Tokov is the most anticipated fight in Russian MMA.» — says M-1 Global President Vadim Finkelchtein, «Both Tokov and Emeev are fighters of the elite level not only in Russia, but in the World. This fight is held to achieve our main goal: to make the most spectacular match-ups between the strongest MMA fighters of our time».
M-1 Challenge 73: Battle of Narts will take place in Ingushetia on December 9th. Stay tuned on M1Global.TV and in M-1 official groups in Social media.

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