«Fighter from M-1» with Viktor Kolesnik on М-1 Global TV
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HD "Fighter from M-1" with Viktor Kolesnik on M-1 Global TV

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The next edition of the TV channel M-1 Global TV series «Fighter of M-1», where the guest was a fighter of the League, Viktor Kolesnik (15-3, BC «the Forge).

Same interview:
00:54 — About the last game and the feeling after it;
01:41 — About rest between battles;
02:05 — readiness for a title fight;
02:20 — the comfort of fighting in rage;
03:09 — About a favorite type of victory in battle;
03:22 — battle against Brian, Hooa at M-1 Challenge 83&Tatfight 5;
04:11 — About the rematch with Landwehr;
06:10 — About Vladislav, the brother of Victor Kolesnik, their joint growing up, training and relationship in the family;
08:50 — Oleg Pereversev, head coach of BC „Smithy“, a sparring partner Sergey Dvortsevoy, and the men of club Andrey Lebedev and Ilya Ramanov about the personal qualities of Victor;
10:36 — About your favorite food;
11:03 — velogonki after your favorite food;
12:43 — Vladislav Questions: „do You watch fights brother live?“, and about the presence directly from the rage;
13:34 — On the instructions of the coach during the fight;
14:20 — the recognition on the streets and the support of the audience;
15:33 — About the future outside of fighting;
16:05 — Mike „Unsporting behaviour“, which was Victor during the recording of the interview, and about his attitude to this slogan in real life;
17:44 — That would piss off Victor Kolesnik?
19:00 — Ilya Ramanov, Oleg Pereversev, Andrey Lebedev about Victor as a fighter;
20:18 — About the attitude towards companion animals.
21:16 — About the song The Stranglers — Golden Brown on the way out before the fight.
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