WKG&M-1 Challenge 100 weigh-in, Harbin, China
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WKG&M-1 Challenge 100 weigh-in, Harbin, China

Место проведения:
Harbin, China

Ceremony weigh-in before tomorrow's tournament WKG&M-1 Challenge 100! Don't miss the live broadcast of the main fight on the channel M-1 Global, as well as on the platform of M-1 Global TV.

Beginning at 13:30 Moscow time.

The participants of the tournament:

(to 65,8 kg) Edward «the Ninja» Massi (USA), 5-2 — Huixia (China), 10-3-1

The fight for the title M-1 Challenge lightweight title between Michele Silva (Brazil), and 21-7-1 Novel by Bogatova (New Thread, the author's school Storm club Fighter), 7-0

(Up 77,1 kg) Alexander Butenko (Ferrum), 46-14-3 — Jean Siqueira (Brazil), 16-3

(Up 77,1 kg), Varejao Thiago Lacerda (Brazil), 27-6-1 — Kurbanjan (China), 23-9

(To 65,8 kg) following Capture (Georgia), 6-1 to Rafael Dias (Brazil) 15-6

(To 70,3 kg) Raul, Tetrauli (Georgia), 18-5 — Joyland Izquerdo (Cuba), 12-4

(Up to 56,7 kg) Callionima Elena (Greece), 6-2 — Kiho Yang (China), 11-0

(To 93 kg), Dmitry Tabakin (Sich PRO), 9-4 — Marcin Lazarz (Bulgaria), 11-6

(To 65,8 kg) Ahmadjan the Sides (the Republic of Ingushetia), 2-1 — Fu Kangkang (China), 10-3

(To 70,3 kg) Daniel Swain (USA), 18-9-1 — Maxim Pashkov (Ukraine), 13-5

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