M-1 Global History
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HD M-1 Global History

Место проведения:
Harbin, China

The first promotion that got over a hundred

26 January in Harbin will host the 100th M-1 Challenge tournament, organized by the international company M-1 Global. His first tournament was in 1997, but the first number of tournament of size M-1 Challenge was held in 2009.
M-1 Challenge originally was a team competition, which is organized as a series of shows held in different places in the world where some MMA clubs competed with others. Since 2010 this format has become an individual. The first Champions of the M-1 Challenge were: 70 kg — Artem Damkovsky, 77 kg — Shamil Zavurov, 84 kg — Rafal Moks, 93 kg — Vyacheslav Vasilevsky, +93 kg — Guram Gugenishvili.

⚡5 facts from the history of the League M-1:
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