M-1 Challenge 79: Shlemenko vs Halsey, June 1, St. Petersburg
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HD M-1 Challenge 79: Shlemenko vs Halsey, June 1, St. Petersburg

Место проведения:

The long-anticipated fight between Alexander Shlemenko and Brandon Halsey is set for M-1 Challenge 79 event, June 1, St. Petersburg.

Alexander Shlemenko (55-9), representing New Stream Team, is one of the most renowned MMA fighters from Russia. He is a former Bellator middleweight champion, who held 30 out of 55 whis via knockout. In September 2014 it took less than 35 seconds for Brandon Halsey to defeat Alexander, but now everything may go different way. Alexander Shlemenko is leading 4 fight winning streak and is in perfect health. He is ready to avenge the loss which cost him title once.

Brandon Halsey (9-2) is a former Bellator middleweight champion and versatile MMA fighter. He is famous for his solid wrestling background and incredible physical power. M-1 Global team put a lot of effort to make this fight happen, and only now there had been found an agreement between M-1 and Brandon Halsey's team. Now there's no handicaps for this long-anticipated rematch to happen.

M-1 Challenge 79 event will take place in St. Petersburg on June 1 and will become the part of the official program of the International St. Peteresburg Economic Forum. More spectacular match-ups are expected to be added to this event.
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