M-1 Challenge 72 official promo | Moscow, November 18
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HD M-1 Challenge 72 official promo | Moscow, November 18


M-1 Challenge 72 event takes place in Moscow on November 18th. The main fight of the evening is a long-anticipated rematch between Murad Abdulaev and Alexey Kunchenko for M-1 Welterweight gold. Among the other fights fan will see Artiom Damkovsky vs Alexey Makhno, Luigi Fioravanti vs Artem Frolov and many other spectacular match-ups

Alexey Kunchenko (14-0) is an undedeated MMA Welterweight fighter from Russia and reigning M-1 Global Champion, representing team New Stream and Boets fight club. He is a powerful striker who has 80% of his win held via KO/TKO. He defeated Murad Abdulev via TKO in the 4th round of their 1st fight.

Murad Abdulaev (15-4) is a former M-1 Champion from Fighting Eagle team, Dagestan. He is a well-rounded fighter with a great endurance. He took his time to recover from the recent defeat and now is ready for a comeback.

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