Timur Nagibin on M-1 Challenge 70, promo
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HD Timur Nagibin on M-1 Challenge 70, promo

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Timur Nagibin (7-1) represents «New Stream» team and «Boets» («Fighter») fight club. Today he is one of the most promising Russian featherweights, who comes to the M-1 featherweight title shot step by step. He's leading 7 fights winning streak with 4th recent wins via decisions in a dominating manner.

M-1 Challenge 70 event takes place on September 10th in Syktyvkar city and will be headlined by M-1 Welterweight title fight between reigning champion Alexey Kunchenko and title contender Mikhail Grabovich.

10 сентября в Сыктывкаре на турнире M-1 Challenge 70 состоится бой двух топовых российских полулегковесов – Алексей Невзоров (Александр Невский ОЭМК), 9-2 сразится с Тимуром Нагибиным (Боец и Новый Поток), 7-1

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